Swaap v2

We took v1 and added a multiplier to it

Next-LevelMarket-Making Models

Tailored Yield Options:Play it Safe or Dare to Dream

Greater Token Variety,including yield bearing ones

The waitlist is now open!

Join the Swaap waitlist quest board on Zealy to benefit from multiple perks

Early access




How does Swaap v2 improve Swaap v1?

Swaap v2 introduces more advanced market-making models, enhanced platform performance, greater token variety, and choice between high-yield and low-risk strategies.

When will Swaap v2 be live?

The Swaap v2 launch date will be announced soon. Join the waitlist to stay informed about the release.

What exclusive benefits do Swaap v2 waitlist members receive?

Waitlist members who are whitelisted will enjoy priority access to Swaap v2 and boosted token emissions based on the liquidity they allocate.

Are there any requirements or commitments for joining the Swaap v2 waitlist? How can I join?

No requirements or commitments; join by visiting our quest board  on Zealy and start participating to the quests!

How can I stay updated on my waitlist position and Swaap v2's launch progress?

Stay up to date on your waitlist position directly in Swaap’s quest board on Zealy. Check out the leaderboard   to see how you shape up against the other waitlisters. Top performers will get maximum perks and benefits.